About Floating

The float tank creates a quiet and peaceful environment free from sight and sound in which the floater floats on their back in a high buoyancy solution comprising of filtered water and Epsom salt. The tank is maintained at skin temperature, which fades the boundary between skin and solution to create a sense of floating, or weightlessness, in the tank.

This sense of weightlessness combined with the isolation of sight and sound draws your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. This state of relaxation is associated with the meditative state, and promotes a healing effect on your mind and body.

Scientific studies have found regular floatation sessions to have a positive effect on stress, pain, cardiovascular and respiratory function as well as creativity and learning capabilities. Floatation therapy was developed more than fifty years ago and is continued to be used till today by athletes, celebrities, artists, and anyone seeking to rest, recover and perform better.

If you have trouble sleeping, or difficulty in switching off from the demands of our fast paced lifestyles of today, floatation can assist. Contact us for a free consultation today.